Intern Teacher

Program Base Volunteers


Position title: Intern Teacher

Reports to: Supervisor at Host School, Little Angels Ministry Uganda Program Coordinator or Projects Officer

Schedule: Full-time, M–F (08am-04pm)

Location: 1) Katiba Primary school Kabale District, Uganda. 2) Little Angels School- Mbarara-Uganda

Duration: Minimum 2weeks- Maximum 6 months

General Information

Little Angels Ministry Uganda partners with community based schools as a way of promoting community health and education among Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs). These schools are found in hard to reach areas of the country where quality education services are difficult to access for many of the OVCs.

The poor educational attainment in these communities is largely attributed to the effects of HIV/AIDS related deaths that have contributed to increase numbers of OVC with no safety nets and social support systems for education and health.

Volunteer Responsibilities

  • Work with responsible teacher in engaging students in extra-curricular activities
  • (games and sports, music, dance and drama)
  • Facilitate in physical education lessons.
  • Participate in offering leadership skills and training for students.
  • Teach lessons in English and Mathematics to different classes as seen appropriate by school authorities
  • Providing first aid skills to students and teachers
  • Provide sexual and reproductive health education
  • Participate in HIV/AIDS prevention awareness education
  • Sensitizing students on hygiene, sanitation and environmental health
  • Participate in administration work including assisting in initiating sound financial management systems

Open to

  • Teachers
  • Teacher trainees
  • Child counselors
  • Music teachers (including non-teachers who could help children learn music)
  • Games and sports tutors (includes non professionals who have the ability to engage
  • students in a number of games and sports activities)
  • Sex and reproductive health counselors
  • Child peer educators
  • Young People/teenager students willing to share their experience with fellow peers in Ugandan schools.
  • Those with skills/experience in education management.
  • Social workers and those aspiring to be social workers.

Desired Volunteer Qualities

  • Open minded, ready to interact with other people of different cultural background.
  • Willing to share his/her experiences.
  • Flexible to live/stay in simple conditions
  • Flexible to the taste of other foods (local)
  • Very good intercultural communication skills and able to deal with different ethnic groups
  • Patience and able to work using few resources and basic facilities.
  • Creative and interested in children.
Share your food with the hungry, and give shelter to the homeless. Give clothes to those who need them, and do not hide from who need your help Isaiah 58:7